Brothers Artofrus Gallery is a tokenization digital agency that promote and sell physical art for crypto. We are standing at the very beginning of Web 3.0, using tockenisation in blockchain to connect artists with buyer and new markets.

Established on the high of NFT revolution on 2021-2022, Artofrus Gallery represents artists from all around the world, being free from borders and politics. 

Find more information how to sell and how to buy physical art for crypto with Artofrus Gallery.

Visit Artofrus Gallery on Opensea to see how works the tokenization of physical art.

Brothers Artofrus Gallery was created by 2 crypto enthusiasts, but not the artists. Anyway, as we can see and understand the NFT technology and the future in common - this project is more than just commercial one. Tokenization of physical art is a complicated digital process, that includes many approvements, difficulties with the delivery and of course with time. 

It is not just an easy thing like to buy an ordinary NFT. It is a thing when you are going to buy real physical art for crypto, putting the information about deal in blockchain.

Brothers Artofrus Gallery mission is to use new ways of promotion for physical art, helping to find the real value of each artwork and teach artists how to use NFT and tokenization in blockchain.

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