Art of Rus is a digital gallery that promote and sell art using NFT technology in blockchain. We represent artists from all round the world, but in common from Western, Eastern and Southern Slav countries. These countries are: Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Belorussia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Montenegro.

We promote and sell art, being free from borders and politics. That legally works with the help of blockchain technology. Find more information how to sell and how to buy art with Art of Rus Gallery.

Vizit Art of Rus Gallery on Opensea.

Art of Rus Gallery was created by few crypto enthusiasts, not by the artists. But as we can see and understand the NFT technology and the future in common - this project is more than just commercial one. Together with artists we will find new followers and markets, working with NFT and crypto technologies. 

Here we are going to use new ways of promotion, help to find the real value of each piece of art and teach artists how to use NFT and blockchain.

Please contact us to get more information.