How I can buy art?

You can buy art for crypto at Brothers Artofrus Gallery on NFT marketplaces. You buy NFT as a a state of prove + real piece of art. Visit our Brothers Artofrus Gallery on Opensea.

What is included?

Each NFT minted at marketplaces is unique as it's original piece of art. You buy a piece of art with it's original NFT for crypto. When you buy NFT, the real piece of art will be shipped worldwide in 10-14 days. You can find more information here.


Brothers Artofrus Gallery sell art officially from the permission of the artists. Permissions are minted in the artists page at marketplaces. All deals go threw official Artofrus Gallery on marketplaces. We guarantee 100% return if the customer doesn't get the real piece of art, including gas price.


Prices on NFT and real pieces of art are always in Stable Coins such as USDC (for Opensea marketplace), BUSD (for Binance marketplace) etc. This guarantees to avoid possible losses if we are speaking about other crypto assets like Etherium. Stable coins has basically same courses with US dollar. Please mention that prices on art are not including shipping


Bundle is a pack of NFT. When you buy bundle, you get a lower price. That can be profitable, when you are investing in art. Sometimes bundles are consisted of 2 expensive and 1 not expensive NFT. Such bundles help to cover delivery costs, because you can sell cheap NFT for its floor price. Find more bundles in Brothers Artofrus Gallery on Opensea.