Brothers Artofrus Gallery places the digital copies of art as NFT by an agreement and only with the permission of the artist. We use several platforms to promote the artist. 

This means that the NFT of each individual piece of art is as unique as the piece of art itself.

Artist keeps the original piece of art, while Artofrus Gallery keeps digital copies, minted as NFT.

Brothers Artofrus Gallery is engaged in the sale of digital copies, which at the same time confirm the new owner's ownership of the original piece of art.

When somebody buys NFT, he makes a 100% advance payment, automatically receiving a digital copy of the artist's work of art at the time of the transaction.

Next, we contact the artist and discuss the shipping details.

Shipping is not included in the price, so we inform about it n our galleries.

Every artist must understand that transactions for the sale and purchase of his pieces of art take place on the blockchain and for cryptocurrency. The artist's reward is also sent to his individual cryptocurrency account.

Further, the artist can use the advice of our gallery on withdrawing funds to his rnative currency account in any bank. This operation is quite simple.

We have technical support to help artists in any question.

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