Why do the artist needs NFT?

March 19, 2022

NFT increases the value of art and helps artists find new art markets and new fans. Any physically created work of art has every right to compete and have a price policy similar to a digital work of art.

As soon as an artist starts selling his work through NFT, the cost of his work increases automatically. This happens because of the oversaturated market of modern digital art, where thousands of the most diverse monotonous pictures (collections) are now stamped.

Below is an example of a collection of images with a total trading volume of more than $40,000,000 (go to see).

Link to an example of a collection of pictures, the total trading volume of which exceeds $40,000,000 (open link).

In the vast digital marketplace, $3,000-$5,000 for a single digital work of art (a two-dimensional pixel image, for example) is no surprise.

It would be logical to assume that a picture or a real blade forged by a blacksmith cannot cost less, and in some cases even more than just an image of a blade.

The buyer receives a digital duplicate, which may later become the only proof of ownership of the original work of art.

Not every artist will be able to cross the threshold and enter the NFT market.

This is also an argument in favor of selling works of art as NFTs.

In fact, a huge new art market has recently begun to take shape, open to any competition.

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