Brothers Artofrus Gallery use DHL international that guarantees high standard of service including protection from physical damages of pieces of art. 

All necessary documents including invoices and customs certificates are included. 

Shipping information is tracking on official site of DHL.


Shipping costs are not included in the price of NFT + piece of art. It is done to show the real value of art.

Prices for delivery are very different. For example, if you want to deliver a piece of art wich size is 1x1m (3.28ft) from Warshaw to Los Angeles or New York, the price of the delivery will cost 400-700 USD

Buying bundles of NFTs can cut the delivery cost. 


Brothers Artofrus Gallery sells art with the official permission of artists. Each NFT is unique. We work for 100% prepayment of NFTs on our official gallery. After the payment is done, we contact the new owner and discuss the shipping details, including shipping payment. The shipping is paid separately, also using NFT on marketplace. When we know the final price of delivery (for exact country and address), we mint an NFT with the total delivery price, which is accepted to be payed only buy new owner of NFT, after final approvement with his manager. Contact us to get more information.