Tokenization of physical art is a process when digital copy of an artwork can be traded in blockchain. NFT revolution of 2021-2022 gave the word new opportunities to negotiate using blockchain technologies. So physical art is now at the very beginning of it.

The utility functions of tokenization processes are more than evident. Blockchain is a new technology that provide people a whole specter of services, building new society and culture. Therefore, it is impossible to skip the moment that everything becomes more digital and moves to networks. 

Physical art itself is a complicated thing and it includes physical objects and physical actions. Tokenization of physical art, as the first step helps to sell and promote art for crypto, or fiat currencies. As the second step, tokenization of physical art protect the artists who made this art. 

Blockchain is absolutely transparent. That means that that a correct deal in blockchain made with physical art, that took place with authorized artist or gallery, used with original artists content (for example, a high quality photo of a painting) - is secured by blockchain and becomes visible for all market.

From that moment physical art gets the new life, because its trading and digital history has officially began. Being protected by the original digital copy, minted as NFT, physical artwork can be moved from collector to collector, from country to country. Even if once something happens to a physical art, its original digital copy will stay alive.

Even nowadays it may look like some kind of craziness, but the future seem to be closer than anyone thought it could be. Tokenization of physical art becomes a real solution for artists who is going to enter it together with blockchain community.

Brothers Artofrus Gallery is working on the best and most reliable ways to sell physical art for crypto using the tokenization processes, promoting artists from all around the world for free. We stand very far from politics just because we are building together absolutely new world. With the power of blockchain.

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