How to estimate the real value of NFTs? How much can coast physical artwork, when we are speaking about blockchain markets and customers?

Brothers Artofrus Gallery is on the opinion that any physically created (handmaid painting or sculpture) piece of art can have the same price or even higher, as any digital one.

What is "The added value of handmade art, digitized and sold through NFT?

1. Creation of a unique digital copy in the form of NFT.

2. Placement of a unique digital copy (NFT) on specialized NFT marketplaces.

3. Advertising and promotion of a digital copy and original of a work of art on the web.

4. Payment of commissions for placing/deleting a digital copy of a work of art.

As we mentioned in "Why do artists need NFT?", open trading history allows to work with art as a serious financial instrument.    

Brothers Artofrus Gallery helps artists to increase the real value of art. We promote all artists for free.

We increase the cost of artists' pieces of art from the very beginning and help artists to sell art.

In case of success promotion, the artist will get off to a good start and start his new sales in new markets from a higher bar.

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