NFT is a new way to sell art without banks or sanctions. Basically you sell it on new markets, where works new rules, appears new collectors and economics.

NFT can increase the value of art and help artists to find new art markets and new fans.

Speaking about handmade art, we can see that any handmade piece of art can have the same price as a digital created piece of art. In addition, even more, because of its physical and mental value.

When artists begin to sell their art in blockchain, all trades go publically, so all market knows the price of each piece of art and of the artist’s collection in common.

Public trading history is what all markets are always standing on. So it works also in blockchain.

When all market know the price, art begin to work with economics. Small and big investors are looking for new interesting art projects, loocking at different economical statistics as floor price, trading volume etc.

If artists begin to use NFT, they will get a good chance to make good sales.

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